Self-Storage Ninjas Delivers Feasibility Studies to Help Developers Design Their Best Business Plans

Saturday, May 27, 2023 at 1:51am UTC

Sensei Katherine of Self-Storage Ninjas writes feasibility studies that show clients how to successfully build their storage business with the highest return possible.

(PRUnderground) May 26th, 2023

Sensei Katherine D’Agostino, founder and owner of Self-Storage Ninjas, writes feasibility studies for clients wanting to develop self-storage and boat and RV storage facilities across the nation.

“Completed facilities I’ve done studies for have exceeded lease-up and income expectations,” Sensei Katherine said. “Don’t waste time sifting through websites and paid articles by industry vendors or creating spreadsheets from scratch. Kick off your self-storage and boat and RV storage development like a Ninja – hyah! – and quickly and confidently proceed with your project.”

A feasibility study provides the groundwork for developers and their engineer/architect/site plan creator to know what unit mix has the most potential for success in the given market. The in-depth review of the location’s customer base and demographics as well as existing supply and demand will help the developer decide whether to build in more than one phase of construction.

Sensei Katherine provides an operations and construction budget which includes a pricing model and projections for lease-up, cash flow, and proforma. The unbiased report from an independent, third-party expert can help developers secure a loan by providing confidence about the project to the bank or lender. Feasibility studies can also bring increased interest from investors and personal peace of mind.

Sensei Katherine takes pride in delivering high quality reports that empower investors and developers to make knowledgeable well-informed decisions. She doesn’t offer services like property or construction management, so she does not have a financial incentive to greenlight a project. Clients can trust that her recommendations are impartial and supported by her thorough research with data from trusted and documented sources like industry publications, verified statistics and government resources.

Contact Sensei Katherine to receive specific guidance on how to do a self-storage feasibility study that results in a self-storage business plan with high occupancy and the highest possible return. She offers a free preliminary report which provides an objective review of any proposed project to determine if the market’s demographics, competition and demand support its development. Schedule a meeting and find more information at

About Self-Storage Ninjas

Katherine D’Agostino, MBA, is the founder and owner of Self-Storage Ninjas, a national feasibility consulting firm. A former marketing-communications executive turned Sensei, Katherine has a background that includes 24 years of creating and implementing business plans for a wide range of companies. A self-storage developer and owner herself, she focuses on delivering quality in-depth unbiased reports that empower investors to make knowledgeable well-informed decisions.

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